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Pool Water Renewal

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Now Serving The Las Vegas Area!

Reverse Osmosis Mobile Filtration for Swimming Pools

Experience crystal clear swimming with our Reverse Osmosis Mobile Filtration for swimming pools in Las Vegas. Our RO trailer quickly and efficiently lowers or removes impurities such as calcium, TDS, stabilizer, phosphates, and nitrates, leaving your pool water clean and healthy. Plus, our service conserves up to 85% of your existing pool water. Swim in water as pure as bottled drinking water with our mobile filtration service.

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Mobile filtration trailers are an effective solution for addressing hard water and water conservation issues in the Las Vegas Valley. The high levels of calcium hardness in the area's tap water can cause scaling on pool surfaces and equipment, but draining and refilling the pool wastes valuable water. Our trailers use Reverse Osmosis filtration to lower calcium hardness and other dissolved solids while conserving up to 85% of the pool's water.

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